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I offer both group and individual sessions via telehealth.


In order to make sure we have time to create artwork, weekly sessions are typically one hour for individuals and one and a half hours for groups. 

I accept private pay clients and offer a sliding scale to help make treatment affordable to you. 

I have specific training in telehealth and many years of experience working with groups at various agencies as well as with individuals. 

It's hard to reach out and ask for help and there's uncertainty about who to select when you decide to find a therapist. We can set up a free videoconference consultation to meet one another and take it from there. 

museum consultation

Let's work together to expand your museum's audience, effectively serve its community and discover untapped healing potential in your collections and resources. 


I love museums. I have a degree in Art History and spent time early in my career working as an administrator at a historic house museum. I have long used museum visits in my art therapy work with clients, and have a multi-year relationship developing art therapy programming for the Coral Springs Museum of Art and the Bloomberg Mayors Public Art Challenge. Let's talk about how art therapy can enhance your museum's programs or lead to brand new ones.  

program development

An art therapy program can create new impact for your treatment center, educational program or museum. I have developed, founded or grown programs in residential and partial hospitalization settings, alternative education communities, and in partnership with city governments. 

After being an art therapist for almost twenty years you would think I had done it all. But a few years ago I found a new outlet for my creativity; program development. Collaborating with Guggenheim Fellows and world-renowned artists to create a unique public art-art therapy collaboration was challenging, engaging and impactful. Co-founding an alternative educational community that blended therapy and and I can't wait to take what I've learned and use it to help develop innovative programs. There is always something new to be created, let's see what we can do for your program. 

education and supervision

I am passionate about art therapy and love educating others about this field and supporting my profession. This is why I have offered affordable supervision to many clinicians over the years and provided presentations on art therapy to professionals and the general public. 

When you are excited by something, you love talking about it. That's how I feel about art and especially art therapy. That makes presentations and supervision exciting for me and it's the reason I have presented nationally and even internationally, and have been featured on podcasts, radio and even on CNN.  Who would you like me to tell about art therapy next?

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